WiziApp - Wordpress iPhone App Plugin.


Create your own Cross-Platform mobile App!
WiziApp is a plugin that turns your WordPress powered website into an HTML5 mobile App for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. You can also Publish your App as a native app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Android market.

Our user-friendly wizard allows you to customize your app and make it your own; by designing the splash screen & the App icon, customizing your theme and selecting your own Tab Bar menu. As you customize your app you will see your changes in real-time in our simulator.

View wizard screenshots.
iPhone App Screenshots
Mobile App user experience
The WiziApp plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, delivering all of your content, including; Posts, Pages, Comments, Categories, Tags, Links, Images, Videos and audio files, to your Mobile app quickly, easily and in real time.
Publish your app to the Apple AppStore & Google Play Android Market
Expose your App to more than 350 million Android users through the Android Play market.
Expose your App to more than 400 million iOS users through the Apple App Store.
Notify your readers about new content in real time using push notification service that runs and maintained by Wiziapp.
Stay up dated
Save money on maintenance and upgrades! WiziApp's service license includes lifetime support and upgrades at no extra cost -
so you can keep your app up-to-date with the latest WordPress features as well as our own new features!